Organisational Structure

The MYOCURE project management component will: (i) provide support for individual scientists to ensure that project objectives are achieved; (ii) monitor and control the progress of each work package; (iii) coordinate project activities; (iv) implement quality control mechanisms by defining appropriate project standards; and (v) ensure targeted dissemination of knowledge. A wide array of activities will be undertaken, including scientific and administrative management, guidance of decision making, contractual management, financial management, supervision of and compliance to ethical standards, management of knowledge and IPR issues, and coordination of communication activities.

The MYOCURE consortium consists of 8 partners (4 universities, 1 research organizations, and 3 SMEs/ enterprises), from EU28. The majority of the partners have extensive experience with EU funded collaborative projects, while some partners are new to the funding scheme. Thus, the management of MYOCURE will be tailored to the different needs and requirements of our academic and industry partners.

The organizational structure as illustrated in the schematic below was jointly agreed on by the MYOCURE consortium. It is adapted to the size and composition of the consortium and the tasks and duties of all partners involved.