Envigo CRS Limited (Env)

Envigo CRS Limited (Envigo) is one of the world's leading Contract Research Organisations providing essential products and research services for biopharmaceutical, crop protection, and chemical companies as well as universities, governments, and other research organizations. With over 3,800 employees across 50+ locations worldwide, Envigo provides comprehensive scientific expertise and a full service offering in non-clinical research and development, research models and services, regulatory consulting, and analytical support to our customers. Envigo is a privately held global company with corporate headquarters in the United Kingdom and divisional headquarters for its research models and services business in the United States.

Within MYOCURE, Envigo will contribute its significant experience of managing complex drug development programmes. The tasks performed by Envigo are those preclinical safety studies required by regulatory authorities to assess the safety, toxicity and biodistribution of the products.