Setting the scene for the final H2020 Work Programme: Scoping Papers published

To prepare for the Work Programme 2018-2020, the European Commission has published thematic Scoping Papers covering all parts of Horizon2020. In addition, an overarching Strategic Programming Document has been released defining key priorities and focus areas for the final H2020 work programme.

The scoping paper for Societal Challenge 1 (SC1: Health, demographic change and well-being) has been developed mainly on the basis of the SC1 Advisory Group report and stakeholder consultations. The following priorities have been identified, each of these being translated into specific calls for SC1:

  • Priority 1: Better health and care, economic growth and sustainable health systems
  • Priority 2: Decoding the role of the overall environment for health and well-being
  • Priority 3: Digital transformation in Health and Care
  • Priority 4: Trusted Big Data solutions and Cybersecurity for Health and Care

The ongoing MYOCURE project is funded under SC1 and addresses the topic “New therapies for rare diseases” of the call “Personalising Health and Care” from the 2014-2015 work programme.

The new scoping papers are working documents that are sent to the Programme Committee and guide the preparation of the 2018-2020 work programme which is expected to be published in October 2017.

All files are available for download here.