Rare muscle diseases in the focus of Horizon

Two projects targeting rare muscular diseases, MYOCURE and MUSCLEGUY, are the focus of an article in Horizon The EU Research & Innovation Magazine.  Including interviews with MYOCURE coordinator Marinee Chuah (VUB), MYOCURE partner Federico Mingozzi (UPMC) and MUSLEGUY researcher William Roman (Instituto de Medicina Molecular in Lisbon, Portugal), the article illustrates the current difficulties in combating muscular diseases which despite their rarity, have high economic costs for society and a devastating impact on the affected individual, often having fatal consequences:

“You go from losing the ability to walk, to losing the ability to eat, to losing the ability to breathe.”

Within MUSCLEGUY, researchers aim to develop reliable and effective laboratory models for testing high-potential drugs for rare muscle disorders currently focusing on centralnuclear myopathy. They plan to use a 3D-system to reveal new disease pathways, which could lead to better treatments being found, much faster than existing methods.

While MYOCURE and MUSCLEGUY follow different approaches, they both have the same goal, to ultimately cure the respective diseases and to relieve the affected individual and society from this burden.