MYOCURE partner UAB at the Drug repurposing for rare diseases conference 2016 in Barcelona

Fatima Bosch, professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and one of the renowned researchers participating in MYOCURE, gave a lecture regarding Gene Therapy for Neurological and Somatic Mucopolysaccharidosis and presented the MYOCURE project at the Drug repurposing for rare diseases conference, held last week in Barcelona.

Rare diseases affect a reduced number of patients each, but there are around 7000 rare diseases, and therefore the percentage of the global population affected is nearly 6-8%. Most rare diseases have a genetic origin, and only 5% of them have an available treatment. The drug discovery and development process is long and expensive, and a possible strategy to make it more effective to find new therapies for patients with rare diseases is the repurposing of known drugs for other diseases. Thus bringing together scientists, clinical experts and other actors involved in the development of new therapies to optimize the repurposing of drugs for the benefit of patients was an important step to pave the way for new treatments.

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