E-Rare: 10th joint call for European Research Project on Rare Diseases published

The ERA-Net for Research Programmes on Rare Diseases (E-Rare) enables the pooling of resources available for transnational collaboration on rare disease research from national and regional programmes in 17 countries complemented by the European Commission for a total of almost 20 Mio € to fund research on rare diseases with particular attention to implement the IRDiRC objectives (200 new therapies by 2020).

On December 7th the 10th joint call was published for “"Transnational research projects on hypothesis-driven use of multi-omic integrated approaches for discovery of disease causes and/or functional validation in the context of rare diseases".

Each consortium submitting a proposal must involve a minimum of three and a maximum of six eligible partners from at least three different countries participating to the call (see list of parties/countries on the E-Rare website). The submission procedure consists of two stages with the deadline for the pre-proposals being the 6th of February 2018.

Please consult the E-Rare website for more information.